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Current and interesting facts about photovoltaics and solar energy

How much electricity does a solar system generate?

The generation of electricity from solar systems is key to a sustainable energy supply in Germany. However, the amount of electricity generated depends on various factors that need to be taken into account.

Generate clean electricity with a powerful balcony power plant

In view of rising electricity prices, balcony power plants are becoming increasingly popular. These small solar systems take up little space and save money when generating electricity. Not only do they protect your wallet, but also the environment and climate.

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Solar systems – generating electricity and heat from solar energy

It is doubtful whether the discoverer of the photoelectric effect, the French physicist Alexandre Edmond Becquerel, had already guessed in 1839 that the solar requirement for certain areas would come into force by law in some German states in 2022.

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Our showroom in Lüdenscheid

As a specialist in photovoltaic systems and solar technology, greenmondi opens the doors of its brand new showroom in Lüdenscheid. Here we not only present our variety of products, but also offer competent advice from our experienced team.

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