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The complete greenmondi solar package!

Our complete solar package includes all the components that are usually required for a single-family house.

10 kW Solax complete solar package (incl. 9 kWh batteries)
Our 10 kW complete solar package includes the following components:24 x PV-Modules 410W Full Black1 x Solax 10kW Inverter X3-Hybrid-10.0-D G43 x Solax 3kW Battery modules T301 x Solax BMS for battery T301 x Solax Pocket WiFi V3.0 for inverter1 x Solax Pocket Lan V3.0 for inverter1 x Solax Accessory package T30 wall mounting/cable/base/cover plate1 x Solax Power Cable 1,2m for 4x battery T301 x Solax Smart energy meter DTSU666

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Solax inverter X3-Hybrid-D 5/6/8/10/12/15 kW G4 hybrid inverter
4th generation inverter for maximum self-consumption!This 3-phase hybrid inverter converts up to 15 kW of solar energy into alternating current and simultaneously stores the energy in one or more battery storage units. The inverter determines the optimum power source for you from the PV system, your batteries and the power grid. It regulates the charging of the batteries for an optimum service life. The Solax Power inverter sends its data to the Internet free of charge via WiFi or LAN. You can check the performance directly online. If you are away, it monitors your batteries and recharges them automatically. You can then use this free energy in the evening.Intelligent charging and discharging with EPS With the Solax, intelligent charging and discharging of the batteries at 180-650 V is possible. You can decide for yourself how the batteries should be charged, whether only via the PV system or only via the power grid and when. By storing unused capacity, the X-Hybrid makes it possible to use solar power at any time. It directs the solar power to where and when it is needed. The X-Hybrid is also equipped with a built-in EPS (emergency power supply), which enables the stored energy to be used in the event of a power failure.Advantages of the Solax X3 HYBRID 10.0-D:Intelligent charging and dischargingIncrease self-consumptionProtection against power failureDual MPPT especially for two module orientations (e.g. east/west)WiFi Internet monitoringVery high efficiencySimple installation and maintenanceSimple limitation of grid feed-in and battery chargingOnline system monitoringThe inverter meets all the standards and norms required for operation in Germany, in particular VDE-AR-4105 with integrated ENS protection circuitAlso suitable for outdoor use (protection class IP 65)Simple, user-friendly design and operationTechnical data at a glance:DC Input (PV): Max. DC power: 15000 WMax. DC voltage: 1000 V DCNominal voltage: 640 V Max. Input current: 26/16 A MPP-Voltage range: 180-950 VNumber MPPT Tracker: 2Number of strings per MPPT Tracker: 2(2/1)Feed-in phases: 3AC Output:Nominal AC power: 10000 VA Max. AC power: 11000 VANominal mains voltage / AC-Voltage range: 400/230 VRated mains frequency: 50/60 HzNominal AC current: 14,5 AMax. AC current: 16,1 AParallel operation: JaOutput DC battery:Battery voltage range: 180-650 VMax. Charging/discharging capacity: 10000 WMax. Charging/discharging current: 30 ACommunication interfaces (BMS): CAN / RS485Scope of delivery:1 x inverter X3 HYBRID 10.0-D G41 x Installationsanleitung

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Solax Battery module T30 TP-HV10230, LiFePo4, 3,0 kWh
The Solax battery module T30 TP-HV10230, LiFePo4, 3.0 kWh is the storage unit of the Solax Triple Power battery system (top-mounted system) and is particularly ideal for larger charging cycles. The system also offers the advantage that the storage capacity can be expanded as required. Special features:Systematic design, thorough optimization and seamless connection with the Solax hybrid inverterUnique battery heating technology that can operate at low temperatures [1]Safest type of LiFePO battery, an adoption of high-performance processorsModular stacking design, easy installation, floor and wall mounting supportedAuto Power Replenishment technology is used to prevent deep discharge of the batteryProtection class IP65, supports indoor and outdoor installationOnline fault diagnosis, upgrade and maintenanceMultiple communication interfaces: RS485, CANInternational brand appliances, better stabilityLong life cycle, more than 6,000 timesSafety according to TÜV, CE, UN38.3 and so on[1] With hybrid G4 inverterThe system can be expanded as required:You can choose how large you want your memory to be. With this system, you have the option of changing the memory size as you wish. It is also possible to expand the memory at a later date. From an extension of 3x T30 battery modules, an additional connection cable and the accessory pack are required.Choose your desired electricity storage size depending on your storage requirements:Optional storage units:1x T30(HV10230) = 3,0 kWh2x T30(HV10230) = 6,0 kWh3x T30(HV10230) = 9,0 kWh + additional connection cable + accessory pack4x T30(HV10230) = 12,0 kWh + additional connection cable + accessory packThe advantages of the Solax battery unit T30 (HV10230) are:Utilize up to 100 % capacityExtension possible at any timeIncrease self-consumptionProtection against power failureCompatible with leading high-voltage batteriesVery high efficiencySimple installation and maintenanceSimple limitation of grid feed-in and battery chargingAlso suitable for outdoor use (protection class IP 65)Simple, user-friendly design and operation

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PV-Module 410W Full Black
Excellent technical advantages and system design scheme to achieve high reliability, effective power generation and reduction of EPC costs. The products can be adapted to different installation conditions with high adaptability and compatibility. With mature support and inverter scheme, customized design for industrial, commercial and centralized photovoltaic systems.Module properties:PID resistanceResistance to salt spray / ammonia / dust and hail protectionReliability test of the production process0~+5W Positive toleranceMono MBB half cutReduce BOS costs / Increase ROINon-destructive cuttingAll Black BIPVProduct facts:Module efficiency (%): 21.01Tolerance (W): 0~+5Maximum power Pmax (W): 410 (STC) / 305.13 (NOCT)Open circuit voltage Voc (V): 34.47 (STC) / 35.37 (NOCT)Short-circuit voltage Isc (A): 13.96 (STC) / 11.27 (NOCT)Max. power voltage Vm (V): 30.93 (STC) / 28.78 (NOCT)Maximum power current Im (A): 13.26 (STC) / 10.60 (NOCT)Cell type (mm): MBB (Monocrystalline silicon)Number of cells (Stk.): 108 (6 x 18)Maximum system voltage (V): DC 1500Temp. coeff. from Voc (% / °C): -0.282Temp. coeff. from Isc (% / °C): 0.05Temp. coeff. from Pm (% / °C): -0.348Operating temperature (°C): -40 bis 85Nominal operating cell temperature (NOCT) (°C): 45+-2Max. series fuse (A): 25Pressure load (Pa): 5400Wind load (Pa): 2400 STC: Irradiation 1000 W/m²Cell temperature 25 °CAM 1.5NOCT: Irradiation 800 W/m²Ambient temperature 20 °CWind speed 1 m/sDimensions: 1723 x 1133 x 30 mmWeight: 20 kgPackaging: max. 36 pcs./ palletMaterial details:Frame: Anodized aluminumCell: 6 × 18 pcs mono solar cellNumber of diodes: 3Net length of the cable: 350 mmJunction box: IP >= 68, TÜV & ULCable & connector: 4 mm², EVO2 or EVO2 compatibleGlass: 3.2 mm heat-resistant glass with anti-reflective coatingCertificates:IEC61215/IEC61730ISO9001:Quality Management SystemISO14001:Environmental Management SystemISO45001:Occupational Health and Safety Management SystemGuarantee:25-year linear performance guarantee12-year product guarantee

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Our Solax all-inclusive packages (from 5 kW to 12 kW)

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Benefit now from our Solax all-inclusive packages. From advice, calculation of the solar yield, registration with the grid operator, delivery, installation including sub-construction through to acceptance by a licensed master electrician - we provide you with everything from a single source!

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