Balcony power plant

Below you will find a selection of our powerful greenmondi balcony power plants. We offer these as complete packages in both 800W and 1500W.

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Complete package with accessories
800W and 1500W Micro-inverter
Throttling by DTU

Balcony power stations 800W and 1.500W without storage

Balcony power station 800W complete package

Our greenmondi balcony power stations 800W complete packages are easy to install and offer an efficient way of generating electricity.

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Balcony power station 1.500W complete package

Our greenmondi balcony power stations 1,500W complete packages are easy to install and offer an efficient way of generating electricity.

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Balcony power stations 800W and 1.500W including storage system

Balcony power station 800W incl. 1.6 kWh storage system

Our greenmondi balcony power plants 800W complete packages including 1.6 kWh storage system are easy to install and offer an efficient way of generating electricity.

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Balcony power station 1,500W incl. 3.2 kWh storage system

Our greenmondi balcony power plants 1,500W complete packages including 3.2 kWh storage system are easy to install and offer an efficient way of generating electricity.

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Included in the complete package:

2 x or 4 x PV-Modules 410W Full Black

1 x Micro-inverter Hoymiles HMS-800W-2T or HM-1500

1 x Female Connector Betteri BC01

1 x End cap

1 x DTU (Data Transfer Unit) White

1 x Schuko cable 5m or 10m

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Reduce balcony power plants to 600 watts

The federal government is currently planning to increase the power limit of 600W balcony power plants to 800 watts. With the Data Transfer Unit (DTU), which is included in our complete packages, the throttling can be done directly on the PC or smartphone. The Hoymiles HMS-800W-2T inverter enables the connection of two solar modules, each with 410+ watts peak power. It complies with the NA protection regulations in accordance with VDE-AR-N 4105 and is therefore approved for operation in Germany. Thanks to its IP67 certification, it is insensitive to dust and water and ideal for outdoor use.

Regulating the power with your smartphone

The Data Transfer Unit included in the complete package allows you to throttle the balcony power stations conveniently on your smartphone. All you have to do is plug the DTU into a USB adapter near the router. The interface between the inverter and the Hoymiles server transmits the data via your Wi-Fi router.

Do you have questions about throttling or setup?

We will be happy to help you and are available by phone or via our contact form.

greenmondi balcony power plants: your path to sustainable energy

A balcony power plant is a compact, efficient solution for generating solar energy directly in your home. Ideal for homes with limited space, our balcony power plants offer an environmentally friendly way to meet your energy needs. Our balcony power plants are not only an investment in your financial future, but also a contribution to environmental protection. They use a clean energy source and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

At greenmondi you will find models in various power levels, including 800W and 1500W, which are perfectly tailored to your individual needs.

Reasons for a balcony power plant from greenmondi

  • Environmental awareness: Our balcony power plants use renewable energy sources, reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.
  • Cost savings: By generating your own electricity, you can save money in the long term and protect yourself against rising energy prices.
  • Simple installation: Our complete packages are designed to be user-friendly and enable quick and easy installation without specialist knowledge.


Balcony power plant: The simple photovoltaic solution for the balcony

A small step with a big impact: photovoltaic technology is at the heart of our balcony power plants. It efficiently converts sunlight into electrical energy and is particularly suitable for urban areas, where conventional solar systems are often impractical.

Finding the right balcony power station - we provide comprehensive advice

To help you find the ideal balcony power station for your requirements, you can rely on comprehensive advice from our team of experts.

When purchasing a balcony power station, the following basic aspects should be considered:

  • Performance capacity: Choose a model that meets your daily energy requirements.
  • Quality standards: Look out for high-quality materials and certifications that guarantee durability and safety.
  • Compatibility and regulations: Make sure that the power station is compatible with the local regulations and the conditions of your place of residence.

Balcony power station from greenmondi: the complete set

Our complete balcony power plant sets offer an all-round solution. They contain high-quality PV modules, an efficient inverter and all the necessary connections for trouble-free installation.

We offer balcony power stations in 800W and 1500W versions.

  • 800W model: Ideal for smaller households or as an introduction to solar energy.
  • 1500W model: Offers maximum efficiency and is perfect for households with higher energy requirements.

Convenient adjustment and monitoring of the output of your balcony power plant

With the included Data Transfer Unit (DTU), you can easily adjust and monitor the output of your balcony power plant via your smartphone or PC. This offers flexibility and control over your energy production.

Easy installation and maintenance

nstalling our balcony power stations is straightforward and requires no special tools or specialist knowledge. Our systems are also low-maintenance, saving you time and effort.


Questions and answers about the balcony power plants from greenmondi:

Can I use my balcony power station in any weather?

Yes, our balcony power stations are weatherproof and designed for use in various weather conditions.

How long does it take to amortize a balcony power plant?

The payback period depends on various factors, including your energy consumption and local electricity prices. As a rule, however, you can expect amortization within a few years. We would be happy to advise you individually on the specific amortization period for your balcony power plant.

Do I need a special permit to install a balcony power plant?

In many cases, no special permit is required, but it is always advisable to check with the local authorities to ensure that all regulations are complied with.

How does a balcony power plant affect my electricity bill?

A balcony power station can significantly reduce your electricity bill by covering part of your energy requirements. The exact saving depends on your energy consumption and local electricity tariffs.

Are balcony power plants safe?

Yes, our balcony power stations comply with all current safety standards and are equipped with protective mechanisms to ensure safe use.

How environmentally friendly is energy generation with a balcony power plant?

Our balcony power plants use solar energy, one of the cleanest and most sustainable energy sources. They generate electricity without emissions and therefore make an active contribution to environmental protection.